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Vecinos de La Mola is an initiative of the neighbours, owners and various service providers which have observing how the state of the urbanization has been deteriorating without remedy during the past decades. The main cause for this situation is the incapability of the Town Hall of Andratx and the contractor of the infrastructure works in the Andratx urbanizations to find a solution which guarantees the same conditions of equality amongst the urbanizations and establishes legal security in La Mola.

In the year 2009 an infrastructure contract was signed on behalf oft he Town Hall of Andratx which expenses are to be covered by the neighbours of the 10 urbanizations involved and according to which the reputable company Acciona was named to complete the infrastructure works and consequently provide the water supply. The time frame for the infrastructure works was contractually set at 24 months and this is the information that residents received.

After just more than half of the first payment out of four installments on behalf of the residents arrived at the Local Authorities, the activities in this urbanization were interrupted by the Court Sentence 903/2012 dictated by the Superior Court Justice of the Balearic Islands. The claim was based on a formal error in the execution of the infrstructure project and the calculation of the fee cuotas.

Since 2012 nothing more has happened in La Mola. Whilst the Local Authorities communicate their willingness to search for solutions, this has not materialised in facts which can be perceived by the residents in La Mola.

We do not only drive darkness through the worst streets of a luxury urbanization in Europe, we are moreover seeing how our assets are losing value in comparison to those of other neighbours in Andratx. The result of this blockade which is now been lasting more than eight years and which paralises the construction of new housing, is the obligation to sell building land and properties subject to major reform much below their real market value. This situation scares purchasers and investors away.

The moneis paid in the first instalment are blocked in a legal nomansland during all of this time. The neighbours of La Mola have not received any information on how the infrastructure works – which effectively they are funding – are to continue and they also do not know what is going to happen with their money which been frozen for more than eight years.

This campaign on behalf of the residents in La Mola sends a call to action towards the responsible persons at the Town Hall of Andratx and the Acciona Group so that they provide a solution to this situation. It is not acceptable that citizens which punctually pay their taxes and fees are held hostage by a situation in which they are punished for the incapablitiy of the Local Authorities and the lack of sensitivity of a company which communicates to be a global leader in infrastructure services.

Those who support this petition demand a fast, correct and binding solution with transparent communication towards all oft he affected persons in La Mola. Through this open platform we request a specific and firm report from the Town Hall of Andratx and Acciona so that, in front of the media, a plan of action with clearly marked dates is communicated in order to solve the problem in La Mola forever.

Participate in this intitative and sign hear to make your voice heard.

Petition Vecinos de La Mola

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244Andrea WallingerDieser schöne Ort müsste auch eine schöne Strasse bekommen.DankeSep 11, 2017
243Andreas Wallinger weitenau 20 5441 abtenauSep 11, 2017
242Eva SchrackSep 02, 2017
241Monika Szilagyi-SchrackWe do need street and street lights for safety!Aug 30, 2017
240Carole GulichJul 08, 2017
239Sandra MatlowThe roads on the Mola are dangerous and MUST BE REPAIRED. There are huge holes which have to be avoided and driving on the wrong side or in the middle of the road will one day cause an accident. THE HOLES IN THE ROADS MUST BE REPAIRED.Jul 04, 2017
238Robert WestI agree with and support this petition. The state of the roads on La Mola is now dangerous. I have had damage to our cars and twice I have fallen whilst walking our dogs at night. My wife also fell walking down to the Port. We hold the Town Hall fully responsible until the roads are repaired. Jun 27, 2017
237Mascha Karnstaedt-GoerlitzJun 27, 2017
236Manfred ElffJun 26, 2017
235Marc OehlerJun 25, 2017
234Eva BöttgerJun 25, 2017
233Martina Heinrich Wir hoffen, dass sich die neue Bürgermeisterin der Sache annimmt. Jun 25, 2017
232Susanne KremerJun 15, 2017
231Padma von SalzenJun 14, 2017
230Werner von SalzenPort d Andratx claims to be one of the hotspot places of Mallorca.This also should be true for the infrastrucure and utility facilities. Up to now they are in a disgraceful state.What are the reason that nothing happens?Jun 14, 2017
229Werner und Inge PraetoriusJun 13, 2017
228Victoria Rosemary WestJun 10, 2017
227Frank-Michael SchusterDer Zustand der Straße ist sehr schlecht und verschlechtert sich von Tag zu Tag.Jun 08, 2017
226Angelika DressenMay 21, 2017
225Gareth EvansMay 17, 2017
224Wolfgang Stich-UedelhovenMay 16, 2017
223DrAndreas StriegelMay 16, 2017
222Jan Schröder May 13, 2017
221Margit MoellerMay 12, 2017
220Сlara SchmidtBitte ändert endlich was! May 11, 2017
219Cella FabioNew ownerMay 09, 2017
218Sauton SylvieNew owner and eager to see improvementsMay 07, 2017
217Poul Moeller PoulWe pay taxes and have no street light. Desaster.May 06, 2017
216Derek Mac DermottParking in the Port is also a serious issue as well as the road conditions in Monoport & Calla Morques as well as La Mola which is particularly bad from the restaurant in the middle of the urbanization on. May common sense prevail and a solution be found quickly before clients stop investing in Port Andratx bring jobs and prosperity to the area.May 05, 2017
215Mark StuecklinMay 04, 2017
214Joerg CroneMay 04, 2017
213Irene SchmidtMay 04, 2017
212Horst Dr. SchmidtMay 04, 2017
211Carl-Utz RossaroEs ist eine Zumutung für Immobilienbesitzer, Anliegern, Bewohner, Besucher und Andiener. Man stelle sich vor, es muss auf diesen Straßen ein Krankentransport gemacht werden.Apr 30, 2017
210Andreas DuenkelIch bedanke mich ganz herzlich bei den Initiatoren dieser Petition und unterstütze die Maßnahmen in vollem Umfang! Ich würde auch dringend empfehlen, anwaltlich Hilfe in Anspruch zu nehmen, denn die bestehenden Zustände sind völlig inakzeptabel. Auch die Tatsache, dass wir seit nahezu 10 Jahren die ersten Tranchen bezahlt haben ohne jegliche Wirkung kann nicht hingenommen werden.Apr 28, 2017
209Robert ElseThe state of the roads is getting worse and worse and if something is not done soon they will become undriveableApr 26, 2017
208Dagmar BreeApr 25, 2017
207Thomas Reichenspurner Endlich wird das ewige Problem aus breite Beibe gestellt. Auf dem Weg in unsere Wohnung haben wir jedesmal Sorgen um einen Achsbruch.Das Rathaus sollte nicht nur die gezahlten Steuern berücksichtigen, sondern auch die vielen Handwerkerarbeitdplätze betrachten, die Apr 25, 2017
206Britta & Dieter GauffApr 24, 2017
205Alejandro Guillen Comparto en todos sus términos la petición. Apr 24, 2017
204John PittsThe roads on La Mola are a disgraceApr 24, 2017
203María Asuncion Garau AlemanyApr 22, 2017
202Christel Von BuehlerApr 22, 2017
201Claus BaggerWe could not agree more. The conditions are beyond belief and the politicians should be held responsibleApr 22, 2017
200Heike BootzApr 22, 2017
199Helmut SkibaApr 22, 2017
198Johannes HubertApr 22, 2017
197Frank FeronApr 22, 2017
196Kathy Schmidtdesde 10 años los calles de la Mola estan como congeladas, nada se mueve, nada se ocurre, los vecinos estan pagando IBI y Basura y quotas, para ....NADA. es una vergüenza. los vecinos no votan los partidos por, eso es el motiv para que estan perdidos con sus requirimientos y necesidades. Yo desde 10 años me estoy rompieno los neumaticos de mi coche y los amortiguadores del coche - basta ya ! Apr 22, 2017
195Franz Peter Dr. LippDas sind katastrophale Zustände auf La Mola. Keine weiteren Zahlungen ohne Start der Sanierung !!!!Apr 21, 2017
194Julian LippApr 21, 2017
193Francoise HermannApr 21, 2017
192Kurt HermannApr 21, 2017
191Andreas BootzApr 21, 2017
190Helmuth SokoleanApr 20, 2017
189Michael Schaefer Apr 19, 2017
188Anne Friis JensenApr 18, 2017
187Gaby TrippenApr 18, 2017
186Roland SchwanApr 18, 2017
185Andrés Felipe Arias PalmaApr 18, 2017
184Johannes Dr. BoettgerApr 18, 2017
183Kohnen GretaDie Straße ist eine Zumutung! Apr 17, 2017
182Jörg ConradApr 17, 2017
181ULRICH SCHRIEKApr 17, 2017
180Maria BasconesCarretera es espantosaApr 17, 2017
179Ole AndersenApr 17, 2017
178ALEJANDRO BASCONES GLEAVEEs inaceptable el estado actual de las calles y farolas. Es necesaria una actuación inmediata y responsable para poner en condiciones aceptables la zonas deterioradas de la urbanizaciónApr 17, 2017
177Henriette WillertInaceptable situation and total lack of communication by the local authorities Apr 16, 2017
176Marcus ZimmerApr 16, 2017
175Juan BasconesApr 16, 2017
174Jigna PatelApr 16, 2017
173Mayank Patel OBEApr 16, 2017
172Stefan LotzApr 16, 2017
171Manuela LotzApr 16, 2017
170Annik De veirmanEs escandoloso ! Apr 15, 2017
169Cesar De vos Vivo en la mola carrer garrover Apr 15, 2017
168José Del ReyEs una vergüenza el estado de la zona el otro día me caí con la moto, suerte que sólo me rasqué el tobillo pero la moto siniestradaApr 15, 2017
167Ana Maria GrabulosInaceptable la situacion en La Mola!!!!Apr 15, 2017
166Ralf PohlApr 15, 2017
165Jasmin WeberApr 14, 2017
164André WeberApr 14, 2017
163Astrid Gussnerein auch juristisch angreifbarer Umstand,2009 kassieren und dann StillstandApr 14, 2017
162Joachim GussnerUnterstützung jedweder Art,die Handhabung dieser Sachlage durch die Gemeinde spottet jeder Beschreibung.Apr 14, 2017
161DORTHE KOLLOWo ist das schon eingezahlte Geld geblieben? Apr 14, 2017
160Laura LangApr 14, 2017
159Maximilian BreeApr 14, 2017
158Pat Pritchardroads are dreadful please action asapApr 13, 2017
157Lars TvedeWe waited so far 7 years for permission. Whenever we asked why it didnt come or when it might happen, we were told within a few months. But every promise was broken, and amazingly the county never even bothered to distribute general information updates. Nothing! For 7 years ... Apr 12, 2017
156Olivier FresnayApr 11, 2017
155marie frimanApr 11, 2017
154Christian LysholdtApr 10, 2017
153Thomas JepsenApr 10, 2017
152Roberto BasconesEs un desastre como están las calles. Supuestamente es una ruta ciclista desde el puerto de andratx hasta el faro de la mola, pero esta impracticable. Es una vergüenza Apr 10, 2017
151Patricia BasconesApr 10, 2017
150Susana Bascones Gleave No se puede tener la Mola en este estado lamentable ,de carreteras y farolas caídas etc etcApr 10, 2017
149Buchmann IngridApr 09, 2017
148Marta Bascones BadrinasApr 09, 2017
147Lucas Bascones Badrinas Apr 09, 2017
146Ana Badrinas SansSubir a la Mola es una temeridad. Lleno de socavones, sin farolas, sin aceras. Una vergüenza con lo alto que es el IBI. Apr 09, 2017
145Alicia BasconesApr 09, 2017
144Jakob Graver NissenApr 09, 2017
143Marianne Bryld OlsenApr 09, 2017
142Carlos BasconezEl estado de los viales, alumbrado, etc es lamentable desde hace muchísimo tiempoApr 09, 2017
141Alejandra MarquesApr 09, 2017
140Diana Bascones Apr 09, 2017
139Gerardo Bascones GleaveJuntos y unidos lograremos acabar con esta interminable situacion.Apr 09, 2017
138Christiane Motz Apr 09, 2017
137Ulf Motz Apr 09, 2017
136Marina LinnebacherApr 09, 2017
135Tom SchmittThe infrastructural condition on La Mola is an embarrassment. We strongly support this petition to get the city of Andratx and Acciona to provide tranparency regarding a solution and corresponding time frameApr 09, 2017
134Anne AndersenApr 08, 2017
133Hetzke HeikeApr 08, 2017
132Hetzke GregorWe urgently ask the administracion if Andratx to take care of the infrastructure ( roads, lights) at LaMola. Thanks!Apr 08, 2017
131Ines WirschingApr 08, 2017
130Carsten SchürmannApr 08, 2017
129Professor Jürgen und Brigitte WeberDer Zustand ist eine Schande für Port Andratx !Apr 08, 2017
128Sabine CzwalinnaDas ist wirklich nötig, mein Mann ist mit dem Fahrrad in einem Schlagloch schon gestürzt. Apr 08, 2017
127Santiago RemonCarreteras y aceras impracticables y peligrosasApr 08, 2017
126Ralph GuentherWe support this urgent request and initiative strongly.Apr 08, 2017
125Gruenewald WilmutWe support the initiative stronglyApr 07, 2017
124Margaret WishartApr 07, 2017
123Francisco PardoApr 07, 2017
122Thomas KatzmannDie Straßen sind einfach nur Katastrophal und es ist unerträglich und einfach nur peinlich!!! Apr 07, 2017
121Peter HarlandI support this request for transparency of the status of the building works and confirmation when it will startApr 07, 2017
120Ulrich und Evelyn Zeitelder Zustand der Strassen, der Beleuchtung und der SIcherung des Strassenrandes ist schlichtweg eine Unverschämtheit gegenüber den BürgernApr 07, 2017
119Andreas Bernarddie schlechtesten Straßen Mallorcas in der schönsten Gegend, wann wird endlich saniert?Apr 07, 2017
118Malcolm BrightIt is inconceivable that, some 7 years after we were forced to pay 25% of the urbanisation fee (upon threat of sanctions) we still have heard nothing official from the council about these works. The state of the roads is frankly appalling in what is supposed to be an area of prime real estate.Apr 07, 2017
117Paula BrightApr 07, 2017
116Bernd ReichenspurnerApr 07, 2017
115Silvia ThomásApr 06, 2017
114Joanne BlackWell done! We absolutely support this great initiative. Apr 06, 2017
113Nick YoungThank you for setting this up. Happy to support. Apr 06, 2017
112Friedhorst WagnerCalle Pi 62, sehr, sehr Schade, wenn man in so einer wunderschönen Anlage wohnt und muß sich täglich über eine so kapputtenen Strasse herumärgern Apr 06, 2017
111All About La Mola SL All About La Mola SLApr 06, 2017
110Dorte WedellApr 06, 2017
109charles nissenThe roads are in a very dangerous condition with deep potholes untreated. An accident will happenApr 05, 2017
108Eyvind WidthApr 05, 2017
107Oliver GirharzApr 05, 2017
106Karina IvanovaApr 05, 2017
105Claudia GanzApr 05, 2017
104Oliver Ganz Apr 05, 2017
103Heribert BecherDie Infrastruktur ist schlicht ein DesasterApr 05, 2017
102Justine MaciagaApr 05, 2017
101Stefan Dipl.-Ing. WaggershauserApr 05, 2017
100Harald MelwischOwner Carre Morera 1AApr 05, 2017
99Tim SohrweideApr 05, 2017
98Andreas HeiderApr 05, 2017
97bernd kabelkaApr 05, 2017
96Dorthe KorsgaardApr 05, 2017
95Anthea ArklieApr 04, 2017
94Anna RietschelApr 04, 2017
93Arne RustCalle Pi 65Apr 04, 2017
92david torrens bouvrie07012Apr 04, 2017
91David MillsAs a resident of Mola Mar on Calle Olivera we feel we need action by Andratx and Acciona Apr 04, 2017
90Bruno RademanApr 04, 2017
89PER FRIIS HANSENApr 04, 2017
88Silvia OelligApr 04, 2017
87Jens WarmbierApr 04, 2017
86frank WolfSchlimmster Strassenzustand auf La MolaApr 04, 2017
85Linda GaleslootApr 04, 2017
84Madita WirthApr 04, 2017
83Christine HeiderApr 04, 2017
82Anders FrimanApr 04, 2017
81Achim MarwitzApr 04, 2017
80Janet DaviesHappy to support thisApr 04, 2017
79Julia Frank Apr 04, 2017
78pep gomilainaceptable !!!Apr 04, 2017
77Volker Dr. AuerbachApr 04, 2017
76Holly BrotchieApr 04, 2017
75Christiane Schütz-GörnertApr 04, 2017
74Werner WolfApr 04, 2017
73Eleonore WolfApr 04, 2017
72Richard GartnerKatastrophale Straßenverhältnisse!Apr 04, 2017
71Michael ConzelmannApr 04, 2017
70Laura ScaglioneApr 04, 2017
69Dr. Katharina ConzelmannThe state of the streets is very bad and therefore dangerous and nothing is being done!Apr 04, 2017
68Petra LudolphApr 04, 2017
67Martin HenkelApr 04, 2017
66Pedro MartínUna pena esta situación que espero se desbloquee muy pronto por el bien de los vecinosApr 04, 2017
65Ellen KohnenKatastrophe vor Mar de Sa MolaApr 04, 2017
64Stephan KohnenBedenken Sie auch die Gafahren für Kinder auf Fahrrädern!Apr 04, 2017
63Hoss MehjooApr 04, 2017
62Sergio MaestreApr 04, 2017
61Jose RevertApr 04, 2017
60Mathieu Van AlphenOwner @ Vistas del DragApr 04, 2017
59Alexander BeulichApr 04, 2017
58Alexander von EickenLa Mola , ein Schandfleck für Port Andratx!Apr 04, 2017
57Michael BRUGGERApr 04, 2017
56Hartmut OttoApr 04, 2017
55Sassan KeshawarzianBad road conditions.Apr 04, 2017
54NURIA PERONA ALFAGEMEPocos sitios hay tan bonitos como La Mola, hay que cuidarla y conservarla.Apr 04, 2017
53Elisabeth und Alfred LangWir danken den Initiatoren dieser Petition, die wir als Eigentümer auf La Mola zu 100 % unterstützen.Die Ungleichbehandlung und Vernachlässigung der Infrastruktur auf La Mola im Gegensatz zu den anderen Urbanisationen ist absolut katastrophal und unakzeptabel. Apr 04, 2017
52Barbara Brugger-BuchmannApr 04, 2017
51Mariona AresApr 04, 2017
50Ingrid, Franz und Martin KubitzaAnwohner und Steuerzahler seit 17 JahrenApr 04, 2017
49D. LauxEl estado de la infraestructura es un desastre y un desastre para los propietarios y los turistas y visitantes. Es una vergüenza para la comunidad y Acconia y ambos instar aquí ahora para ser inmediatamente activa. Apoyo esta iniciativa al 100% y quiero una acción rápida por el municipio de Andratx y Acconia.Apr 04, 2017
48Markus GartnerDie Strasse ist die reinste Zumutung und gesundheitsgefährdend (auch für's Auto) !Apr 04, 2017
47Peter HahnDer Zustand der Strassen ist nicht akzeptabel und gefährlich. Anschluss von Wasser und Kanal ist überfällig. Die Situation ist einer solchen Stadt nicht würdig.Apr 04, 2017
46Bruno Martin MeyerApr 04, 2017
45Peter GanserApr 04, 2017
44Thomas Grundtvig AhlerProject management Apr 04, 2017
43Luerssen UdoLa Mola hat eine nicht mehr tollerierbare Infrastruktur. Habe vor Jahren bereits für die Sanietung bezahlt und bis dato keinerlei Aktivitäten gesehen. Eine Schande!!!! Apr 04, 2017
42Sandra CastroApr 03, 2017
41Völlm KarlaApr 03, 2017
40Ursula ElvegardApr 03, 2017
38Reinhardt Sommerit is very urgent to improve the situationApr 03, 2017
37Nicola Littlewood To White Investments SLOwner Of La Mola Village Calle Morera- Great to see something being done about the diabolical condition of such a prestigious area of the Island. Find a solution fast before it is too late! Apr 03, 2017
36Guy LittlewoodI completely agree with everything that has been written and the whole situation is an absolute discgrace and something MUST be done to find a solution and finish the necessary works that are so long overdue! Please! Fix it! Apr 03, 2017
35norbert glasmeyer ES MILADie Infrastruktur auf la Mila ist seit Jahr und Tag grottenschlecht.offenbar hilft nur eine Abstimmung mit den Füßen.Apr 03, 2017
34Robert Gabriel-JensenApr 03, 2017
33Elena DíazApr 03, 2017
32Alejandro palomino herreroApr 03, 2017
31Manuel Vera SalasApr 03, 2017
30Alexandre Vidal GoncalvesApr 03, 2017
29Regitze BryldApr 03, 2017
28Claus SchürmannApr 03, 2017
27Snezana SchuermannApr 03, 2017
26Ralph Höfges Apr 03, 2017
25Bo KristensenOwner Calle Pi 63Apr 03, 2017
24Trine Holck KristensenOwner, Calle Pi 63 - Great initiativeApr 03, 2017
23Maria Katarina Mossaz-JoelsonApr 03, 2017
22Gabriele SchaafIch bin seit 1990 Eigentümer von Carrer Pi 28 und habe alle Zahlungen geleistet und werde für die Sanierung seit 25 Jahren nur vertröstet und bekomme auf Anfragen nicht mal mehr eine AntwortApr 03, 2017
21Claude Mossaz Apr 03, 2017
20Alexander SchmitzNo solo es importante, es urgente!Apr 03, 2017
19Lone MosgaardGreat initiative. Owner Calle Pi 54, Atico BApr 03, 2017
18Alex LilleyApr 03, 2017
17Oscar MosgaardGreat initiative. The current situation is not acceptable. Apr 03, 2017
16Ron WalkerApr 03, 2017
15Antonio López-Cerón HoyosApr 03, 2017
14Frank BaeselDie Strasse ist Gefahr für Mensch und Auto. Einfach eine Frechheit solche Gegebenheiten!Apr 03, 2017
13Teresa de la Peña ZegarraApr 03, 2017
12Ramón RadosApr 03, 2017
11Tina RosenzweigApr 03, 2017
10Matthias WaechterApr 03, 2017
9Diego Lafuente GarciaApr 03, 2017
8Simon NavarroTaulatsTotalmente de acuerdo. La Mola se tiene que reactivar y mejorar su aspecto. Apr 03, 2017
7Florian Willert FEROINVEST La Mola GmbH & Co. KG Suc. en EspanaCarrer Garrover 26Apr 03, 2017
6laila quintanoApr 03, 2017
5Bernd SchröderPräsident v. Apartvillas Carrer Garrover 5Apr 03, 2017
4Susanne Bryld OlsenOwner at La MolaApr 03, 2017
3Susanne Bryld OlsenOwner at La MolaApr 03, 2017
2Claus OlsenOwner Calle Pi 65 B2Apr 03, 2017
1Juan Serra EstarellasMa parece lamentable la inmovilidad que practica el Ayuntamiento de Andratx en lo que se refiere a la Mola, esperemos que esta plataforma les haga moverse de una vezApr 03, 2017