Constituent Assembly Vecinos de La Mola

As previously announced, on 19th January 2018, the Constituent Assembly of the Administrative Association of Cooperation of the owners of La Mola’s Urbanisation which we originally and informally refer to as “Vecinos de La Mola” took place.

With an estimated representation of over 100 residents, many of which passed proxy to their advisors or lawyers, the Constituent Assembly included official representatives of the Town Hall of Andratx, the Initiators of the Vecinos de La Mola petition and Local Press.

The Town Hall of Andratx via the Head of Planning Department Jaime Porsell, Deputy Mayor Estefania Golzalvez and Legal Advisor for Planning Department Catarina Terrassa communicated a detailed summary of the current situation and the process required in order to reinstate the infrastructure and urbanistic normality in La Mola. The Town Hall pointed out that to correspond with one legally capable representative and voice for all of the neighbours at La Mola will be an enormous help and that this will no doubt ensure a smoother and faster process. At the same time, it was Mr. Porsell´s wished to point out that all moneys are securely deposited in a blocked account and that the road for the progress in La Mola has been cleared with the contracting company Acciona via a contract addendum between Acciona and the Local Authorities agreed at the end of 2017.

Regarding the amounts already paid into the Town Hall of Andratx, the Local Authorities provide the option to receive the already paid amounts back (always to the person which deposited the money) or leave the paid amount on the Town Hall accounts. The payments for the future Urbanisitic Fee of La Mola  – once recalculated – will be charged by the Town Hall of Andratx directly to each property at La Mola in a legally binding process which is obligatory to all. It is each person´s free decision to decide what to do, but it will reduce cost and time if the already paid amounts are left on the accounts of the Town Hall in advance for the forthcoming payments.

As announced Administrative Association of Cooperation of the owners of La Mola was officially created on the same appointment and it has been provided with a President, Vice President and Members of the Board. A total of 4 persons, each coming from a different country stepped forward in order to participate in the activity and governing of the Association. There was a warm welcome to the four Members of the Board which will empower the Association for the tasks ahead. The Association will be formally controlled via Statutes to be legally inscribed and communicated in due course. Further information to be drawn from the Minutes of the Association Constituent Assembly which will soon be ready and delivered to all interested parties.

The Association is a non profit organisation, which will run, control and revise all activities relating to the implementation of the missing infrastructure in La Mola in close cooperation with the Town Hall of Andratx and Acciona. Its goal is to secure faster, reliable, secure, legal and cost effective process in benefit of all La Mola residents. In order to finance its activities, the Association has calculated an initial yearly fee of 250 € per per property. This amount will settle all administrative, legal, advertising and communication fees required in order to run the complex activities ahead.

We are very pleased to see that after many efforts the formal process to create the Association of La Mola Residents is underway and that both the Authorities and Acciona accept this collaboration of vital importance in order to solve the current situation at La Mola. Furthermore, we actively recommend to sign up to the Association, either directly or via a legal representative. 250 € a year is not a large amount of money, specially taking into consideration the enormous benefit it will have to the quality of living and value of the assets in La Mola.

Attached  you will find the inscription letter required in order to become a member of the Association. Please fill in and return this with your details or legal representative contact details to and please share this with your neighbours and friends in La Mola!

For further information please contact or telephone (+34) 971 57 50 67 (mornings Mo.-Fr.).

Many thanks for your support!